Buying Our House

The House we are closing on January 22

So this process has been… hard to say the least. We have found a few houses before this that we absolutely loved, but they didn’t work out. We would put an offer in and they would be too stubborn on the price and not want to drop it. The other house as we were walking through it someone put an offer in on it. It was a shit show. We would get attached and really start thinking about decorating it and how much the kids would like it and all these things but then to come and find out that we weren’t actually going to get it.. It SUCKED.

So we spent maybe a month of searching when we found this one. We absolutely LOVED it. It needs some work but we wanted that. We wanted a house that would have just a little bit a work to make it ours and to look back and see how far we’ve come with the house. It has a huge backyard with a little play set for the kids to play on… My step-daughter even christened the backyard by peeing her pants while she was out there playing… I walk out to her crying and freaking out saying she was wet.. We didn’t have extra clothes for her in our car, so my boyfriend had his gym bag in there with workout clothes he didn’t wear yet. I grabbed his gym shorts and put them on her roll them as much as I could and wrapped my hair tie around them and tied the string. It worked so oh well..

Now coming down to the wire and getting the house we are in now ready to rent and knowing what we have to do in the new house. Man oh man it is getting over whelming a bit. With the house we have now we have to get the guest bathroom ready to go. My boyfriend decided he would renovate it, switch out the bath tub and surround, the flooring, and painting the vanity. Well, that was over a year ago. He is finishing it now because he HAS to. Trust me, I give him so much shit for it, but he tries so it’s ok. We also have to paint his daughter’s one pink wall (DONE) and in his son’s room I have to paint the dark blue ceiling (getting done…) Now it’s not a lot but when you have two little one’s and a deadline it feels like a shit ton.

After I get that done, we HAVE to start packing. Our garage is filled to the top with just random shit, from when I moved out of my apartment into his house, we have beds in there, our snowboarding gear, his tools, dirt bike, motorcycle, and sooooooo much more. In our house it is just cluttered. Just little stuff we have to decide if we keep or throw away/donate. All in all I have to leave our bathroom and clothes out of packing because it is stuff we use everyday. It is going to be a lot of craziness, but us moving into this new big house it going to be great and well worth the wait.

I am also excited because it is starting fresh. This will be our house, not a house that his ex use to live in and decorated. She can’t walk in and look around and say I did this and that, I decided on this color, I decided on that lamp. I get to walk in and know I am the only woman to live with him in this house. I helped decorate this house. I helped buy this house. My opinion went into thought on this house. That is what I am so happy about. I love knowing that when we go into this house it is OUR house. We get to start OUR memories there. We get to decorate and renovate it TOGETHER. This is our fresh start. This is where it all starts for us.

I will post pictures and maybe a vlog as we go along and start unpacking, renovating, and painting! It is going to be exciting!!!!! Stay tuned for this comical part of my blog called MOVING!

With all my love,


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