Unhappy w/ Your Job Too?

I have a job in a dealership.. IT IS AWFUL. I started my career in the car business in 2017. I loved it at first. The first dealership was great, the people were fun to be around. Obviously, it had its ups and downs but all in all it was a fun place to work. I didn’t mind to going there everyday. As time went on though the work ran out for me to do. I would finish way too quick and just end up sitting there for the rest of the day.

I started looking for another job and I found a Fleet Assistant position in another dealership. I talked to the manager and he was all for me coming there, there was going to be soooo much work for me, I will never have down time, blah blah blah. So, me thinking its going to be amazing and so much better. I get here and in the beginning it was. I was busy majority of the day. Then, slowly it start drifting back into me not having a single thing to do. Literally would have maybe less than an hour of work to do all damn day.

Now, in a dealership it is very male dominated. Seeing a woman around the sales floor is rare. When you are a woman there is always that sexual harassment, no matter where you are. But imagine being in a workplace dominated by men and you get it every time you walk in a room. You would think they never saw a woman before by the way they act. I’m use to it. You get use to it after so long of dealing with it… aka since I was 15 (if not younger.)

The new position, boy oh boy. After the work load went away I spent most of my time watching Netflix and Hulu. Pretty much my whole day was sitting at my desk and watching movies and shows. In the beginning, it was great, but after a week it gets old. You go to work to work, not watch Netflix and wish you were at your house. My boss, super old. He fixes his junk about 30 times a day right in front me. He treats me like a child. Now, I know I am young but I do everything I possibly can to not act like it. He wants everything his way, every single time. I try to suggest and nope not going to work. It is awful. Who am I to think there are other ways to do something.

Sexual harassment is a true thing in the workplace. My controller for the dealership pulled all the women upstairs for a meeting and had a dress code policy meeting about what we can and cannot wear. Not one single man there. HOW IS THAT NOT SEXIST?! Why didn’t the men get pulled aside and told what they can and can’t wear?! My controller also pulled one of my coworkers aside telling her she can’t say certain things like hun, dolls, etc.. saying it is sexual harassment and we don’t need that here and this and that. ARE YOU KIDDING?! Were gonna say that is sexual harassment but when you pull only the women aside telling them that we can’t wear this and that because it is too provocative. Or how about when I walk into a room filled with men I get up and downed 20 times, I can’t wear a skirt without men staring at my ass or making comments, or how about I can’t dress nice in normal clothes without them looking at my boobs or ass or making comments like, “oh look at you, I’m gonna take you out and back to my house.” Oh yeah, lets say dolls and hun is a huge sexual harassment issue but not what else is happening and you just turn a blind eye to.

Does any of these things happen to other women at work? How do you deal with it on a daily basis? What was the worst that happen to you? Can we even talk about it like this without people thinking you’re being a feminist or you’re just being sexist? This world is something else when it comes to women and how to treat them and how we actually treat them. It blows my mind. What are you opinions on all of this? Let me know.

With all my love,


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